The Stain and the Shadow

The House on the Heath

Adventure Two

The heroes were sent to resolve a political dispute between the elves and the dwarves that had spilled over onto the local human population. When they arrived at the town of Breedham, they discovered an active industrial town caught between the aggression of the elves and the taxes and tyrannies of the dwarf who had moved into the local lord’s manor.

Investigating the dwarf, the heroes found themselves welcomed by the unhinged Dargrim, and put to work as guards against the elves. Things were quiet until night fell, and Beadyface was slaughtered by a pair of skinned creatures.

The rest of the heroes gathered in Dargrim’s study, where they plotted their desperate last stand. They were shepherded into the hall of the Brazen Horn, a cage built to resist elven intercession. But the enemies that faced them were not elves – they were spiders with dark markings on their carapaces. The battle was swift and bloody, and suddenly Dargrim and his allied shadows attacked the heroes in an act of betrayal.

The heroes were defeated, but their elven allies arrived in time to save several lives, though Quinn was killed and Acacia permanently blinded. Now, the plot thickens as the survivors chase another lead.


johnminser johnminser

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