The Stain and the Shadow

The Museum of Curiosities

Adventure One

The heroes were asked to meet Chief Curator Vaksin of the Crossings New School Museum, mere hours after returning from their fight with Shavaat. The Dwarf, their director, insinuated that time was of the essence due to a potentially lingering presence that haunted the museum before a group of nobles was due to arrive and donate heavily to local magical research.

Upon arrival, the heroes spent some time in conversation with Vaksin, and then investigated the scene of a grisly murder. Curator Long, a heavyset older man, had been forced into a stone sarcophagus and left to suffocate, unable to lift the lid on his own.

Vaksin suspected a missing curator named de Maar, head of the natural history exhibit. Before the characters could uncover more about her, they were attacked by a dark force that deactivated the museum’s clockwork docent and spirited a groundskeeper away.

Suddenly, they were set upon by undead exhibits, shambling from their glass displays! They slew the monsters and began a thorough search of the premises, turning up a variety of useful magical items and, eventually, a path deep into the ruins beneath Crossings. These ruins were housed in an ancient cavern, and in the center of the cavern grew a fossilizing tree. Out of the tree stepped the Twin, a dryad whose dead counterpart still clung to her.

The heroes fought the Twin and claimed the treasures of the deep caves, including a winking iron death mask from Kalasar of old.


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